This weekend I have been doing some serious house-keeping on my Facebook account, in readiness for my next Facebook Marketing workshop, so I’m making sure I practice what I’m about to preach!
NB. Pages with fans who do not like/comments/share are of no value and actually de-value the content

It’s not about numbers alone, it’s about size to content to engagement ratio S:C:E

If you have 50% of your fans who do not interact with you ever, Facebook will consider you as boring, and not being valuable to your tribe and will actually stop showing your content to less and less people/fans.

So, if you are invited to be a fan of the page, take a look at the content first and only Like it if you are likely to interact Don´t be a waste of a like! #FacebookSpringClean” Click To Tweet

You can’t afford to waste a single Like!

Of course there may be times when a friend to friend liking is required to help get them or you off the ground, but there are other ways to grow your fans and reach organically.

During my workshops I introduce the technique of using See Pages Feed to develop a B2B connection within your tribe, and it also works as a valuable source of shared content.Behind every Page is a person Click To Tweet

The determining factor behind who see what is called an algorithm (used to be called EdgeRank but not really used anymore) and there is no point in fighting it, you have to follow the rules and post rich content that will resonate with your fans and be true to yourself.

Even then I can’t promise that you will have hundreds of fans, loads of reach and zillions of sales, but with poor content, lack of consistency and a constant sales pitch you’re more than likely to go nowhere.

Each action is called an edge and not all actions are equal and the time span of that action also determines its reach.

Basically if you post good stuff and people like comment and share more people will see it for longer.

The further the edges or ripples travel the more likely you are to get interaction.

Engagement and interactions can then eventually be exchanged for people taking action to buy.

So, tidy up your personal like list and be a valuable tribe member or unlike the Page.

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