I know you ALL know how to use Facebook. BUT do you really know HOW to use Facebook?

It’s EASY right?

Have you spent hours and hours trying to find a button to press but can’t find the right one? Chances are that I do know where it is and can show you when to press it for best results.

Are you completely and utterly fed up with not getting the results you expected with social media? I can help with that as well.

I am one of those annoying people who has way too much time on their hands! Not really, but it has been said 😉

I am a Facebook Specialist dealing in the Nuts & Bolts – think of me as a Facebook Engineer or Mechanic

I am the person who will tell you what to press, when and where.

If you have just breathed a huge sigh of relief then I am pleased to hear that 🙂

Maybe you don’t think that you need to know what to press, when and where. Maybe you already know how to share a post to a profile, group or your own Page. BUT do you know how to share it someones else’s Page and why would you want to?

Do you know how impactful it can be on your post reach to ‘mention’ another Page? Who really cares?

If I could show you that by doing so you connect with potential clients who will want to buy your products – would that be of interest? 

I am NOT going to tell you that to get results you ‘need to connect with your target audience by using social media’

I’m going to show you HOW TO DO IT

I am NOT going to say that ‘posting quality content on a regular basis will spread your message’

I am going to teach HOW to find the words in the first place and turn them into quality content.

You’re not born knowing how to create quality content and it’s all very well everyone saying that’s what you MUST do to get results … BUT where do you start?

What about using your Profile for Business – that’s a big NO … or is it?

With the landscape of Facebook changing so much and so quickly one thing is certain you will always be you, whatever business you are in. So whilst you cannot, should not and MUST not use your profile as a ‘business’ as that’s what your Page is for, there are much, much better ways of conducting yourself on Facebook so that your personal life stays that way and you can benefit your business at the same time.

Interested in learning more?

I have loads & loads of seriously good tools in my Nuts & Bolts training that it’s hard to know where to start, but let me show you below one thing you can do today to improve your sociableness on Facebook which goes a long long way to being successful in a very simple way – with a nice piece of evidence to back it up.

The top-tip is to Share other Pages posts on to your own Page. In some cases you can also share Profile posts (as in this example) but it will depend on the settings. The point is to SHARE. Click that Share button! Facebook rewards your sociable behaviour.

Take a look at this post below which is a classic Nuts & Bolts share.

On writing this blog post on Wednesday 29th March 2017 the post embedded below had been seen by 1870 people. The number of fans on the Page is 1697*. That is over 100% reach. ORGANIC natural, not paid for reach.

How? The technique is simple, quick to do and very easy to learn.

Get in touch and I’ll show you too. Set up a free meeting HERE and let’s get started.

My new online course, coming very soon, will go into more details on How to Use the Nuts & Bolts, so add your name to the waiting list below and keep in touch with any questions about how to use Facebook for Business.

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