Facebook Warrior Bootcamp


A 4 day intense online boot-camp to get you and your Facebook skills in warrior-mode for the rest of the year!

Taking place ONLINE at a screen near you from 11 March to 14 March. There will be 8 hours of live training tutorials plus a 2 hour library of recorded ‘How to’ videos to watch whenever you want, available for as long as you need them.

Read the full details below and when you’re ready “add to cart” and then go to “checkout”. Any questions please email fiona@fionacatchpowle.com

On completion of payment within 24 hours you will be sent an email confirming you place and further details of where you need to be and when.



An intense and thorough Facebook Warrior workout. The perfect opportunity to focus on your social media strategy and build on Facebook Mechanics that will bring you results in 2018

Who is it suitable for?

In general: Business owners who uses Facebook Pages as a means of connecting and communicating with their target audience. If you have found that the mechanics of Facebook (what to press and when) are a challenge then this is for you. If you find the creation of content and consistency a challenge then this is also for you.

Specifically: This course is aimed at the Facebook Framework and helping you to adapt to the changes that have appeared the last few months. I will also be covering new tools & tricks with work-arounds to some of the biggest problems. If you are quite confident with your skills, you will also benefit from this training as my Facebook Mechanics will help you address any issues before bad habits set in. Depending on your entry level knowledge you may find this challenging, but each step is explained in detail in the video library.

What is included?

The Essentials – a set of step by step videos of foundation steps such as posting, scheduling, adding images ad links. This library of videos will be available prior to starting the live session so you can make sure you have the ‘essential’ information to operate a Facebook Page.
The Rule of 3 reminder and a NEW revised edition. NO major change, please don’t panic, but certainly worth re-grouping some of the concepts that have now taken priority since The Rule of 3 was first created by me back in 2014. It is now even more important to consider Local over Global
Facebook Mechanics – there are many buttons to press and the right order can make a difference. Even if you have attended a #FacebookFit training before a ‘knobs & buttons’ refresher is always a good idea to set you up for success
Content Creation short-cuts – learn how and where to find your content ideas with ease, and make the most of it with Facebook Super-foods
Facebook cover videos/slide shows – are they worth it? With ‘video first’ being the Facebook mantra currently you’d think that the cover video idea would be a big hit. I’m not so sure that they are, but I will show you the different options and how you can utitilse them afterward.
Video on Facebook and how to apply it to your business.- What tools can you use and what formats work best.Video is not for everyone – or at least being in the video, however an under utilized way of introducing video to your page is to have the camera pointing away from you. Or, there are voice-only lives that take all the pain away or being in or around the camera.
Engaging in conversations as your business. – What is the protocol? How to find the line between awesome and annoying
How to be a social influencer and playing nicely with the others. Be the leader in your community when it comes to ‘being social’.
Insights and how to use them to drive business to your page
Facebook Adverts the Basics – to boost or use advert manager? What’s the difference and why do you need to know?

The Format

Live tutorials at 11am and 2pm each day inside the secret Facebook Group (these are recorded and are available after broadcast for the duration of the course)
Each day there is a Daily Challenge with a new skill or feature to explore . You are actively encouraged to post your results and achievement (or not) of the daily task in the group and connect with your class mates
A library of How To videos with Facebook foundations & mechanics, plus advanced techniques
Minimum entry requirements –

A Facebook account for at least 2 months = Profile, to which you know the login details

A Facebook Page for at least 1 month that is accessed via your profile and you have Admin rights on the page.

You need to be able to work via a wide-screen device and use the Chrome Browser if you wish to appear on screen at any point. If not any other browser will do as long as you are logged in to your Facebook account on that device



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