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Building Page Likes with truly valuable fans is fundamental to solid reach figures and engagement which leads to conversion.

Everyone wants Page Likes, as we know that starts the creation of our Tribe, but what can you do to make sure they are the right sort of tribe members who will like, comment and share and of course ultimately BUY from you?

Here is a list of skillful ways you can trigger quality likes without getting drawn in to unnecessary vanity metric

1.Join Groups where you can basically show-off your skills and build relationships with people who need your service/product.

Take time to get to know the manner and style of people in the group and be as helpful as possible BEFORE jumping in and making your own post.

Finding the right group for you may take some skill and may start away from Facebook initially with face to face marketing for example. Don’t be tempted to join as many groups as possible as you will just spread yourself too thin.

One hazard to look for in a Group is a random Like-fest, where you will be asked to Like each others pages – this is BAD. You will not obtain quality likes this way. A reciprocal like may appear the polite thing to do, but if it is a sympathy vote then it will not contribute towards your long term success with reach/engagement/conversion

2. Use videos or live stream.

Showing your realness and honesty will help buyers get to know you and grab there attention. Video has been tipped as a huge marketing tool for many years, but in the last 12 months with the advent of live stream and more sophisticated devices its so much easier than ever. If you’re camera shy and would like some top-tips on how to get started drop me a line or send a message via my page and we can have a chat and see what is holding you back.

3. Connect with other Pages. Using the B2B system for liking another page AND liking commenting and sharing as your business is a really great way of hanging out with the your potential tribe members.

If you interact on other pages in the right way, your name will be seen by many people who fit your target market.
These 3 strategies alone will, when done consistently, build your page the right way for long term success.

These and many more #FacebookWarrior tips are available directly from me if you choose to work on a 1:1 basis or attend a workshop. Get in contact now and fast-track your #FacebookFitness so you’re NOT left behind in this social media frenzy.