My Philosophy Is To Provide
Quality Over Quantity

By focusing on one social media platform at a time, and in my case specialising in Facebook Mechanics, I am able to give you the accurate and effective tools to get the timely results you need. 

I keep it simple, straightforward and tailored to you and your business. For me light-bulb moments, top-tips, and bite-size pieces are key. 

I engineer the training to find the simple solutions to using Facebook within your business model. By feeling less stressed about content creation means you can relax into your storytelling and then it becomes a piece of cake.

“I am dedicated to light-bulb moments! We all need inspiration to keep moving forward. Sometimes we are in a rush to reach the end, but seeking out, communicating with and nuturing our tribe is a fudamental and long-term process in building a business that brings you sales every day of the week. What if I could show you that using online tools and Facebook as the anchor platform in such a way it gives you a buzz and moment of clarity, you’ll wonder what you’ve been stresses out about?”

To get started on the road to recovery from Facebook fatigue jump in right now and book a discovery call with me to identify the best way of us working together.” Fiona Catchpowle

Facebook for Business Specialist

More info about me

When did you start working in this industry?

I have been working on the coal-face of Facebook for nearly 10 years. I started in online marketing by publishing an ebook way back in 2006 using a piece of software called Frontpage – yep that’s old

Why do you focus on Facebook?

I decided to make Facebook for Business my anchor platform 8 years ago. I had been offering broadspectrum social media managment services, but for me Facebook has so many dynamics it needs a time & space in your online tool box all to itself

Why Facebook Marketing Mentoring?

I actually qualified as a teacher for post 16 education around about 25 years ago! So with my passion for educating, my Facebook skills and being self-employed since I was 21, working with other like-minded individuals and helping them reach their golas too, just makes sense.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

#LightBulbMoments. Online tech skills are not rocket science, but with so many tools and options it’s overwhelming most of the time. When I see someone’s face during the split second they ‘get it’ or hear it in their voice. That’s a job well done.

What do you hate most about your job?

I get so frustrated by poor quality information out there online about how to use social media, in particular Facebook, to connect with your target audience. Business owners are constantly being led up the garden path by so called gurus.

What’s your goal for Facebook #CyberHeros?

I believe that every solopreneur can become #FacebookFit with my methodical, persistent and consistent coaching programs.  I know it is possible to use some fundamental repeatable steps to conquer the myths and urban legends to get great results with ease.