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Sharing is caring, but are you really making a difference or just making a mess?

Here are some pointers when it comes to being an effective influencer on Facebook, particularly if you are at an event or venue.

Get it right and you make an impact, helping them stand out – which is what it’s all about.

  1. Be prepared – before you start to post/checkin visit the venue Facebook page, check out the content and if you like both the place and the page give it a like.This gives 2 benefits – a. Clearly it shows you do like the place (in which case you must be telling the truth) b. You know where you need to checkin accurately
  2. Visit the Events tab on the page and make a comment, like a post etc. And even ‘share to news feed’. In the actual Event Page you’ll find a checkin button which makes life a lot easier to know where you are! NB: Note to venues/event organisers – create an event and post in it, don’t leave it bare
  3. Take a couple few pics and/or short 25 sec video and start to think about your text with maybe a suitable hashtag for good measure and check that anyone you are with can be tagged as well, so it works best if you are Facebook friends.

It’s all in the detail you see. This way the ripples that travel into Facebook Land turn into waves rather than fizzling out.

Also note if you are a Page Admin with an Event, don’t have the event closed to comments that need approval. It’s your job to be on top of it and at the end of the day it’s about the conversation and if you stop it in its tracks that is no fun.

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