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Do you have an attention grabbing strategy to turn the average in to #awesome?

Keeping-up with online communication is exhausting. You can find yourself going around in circles and, especially if tech is not your talent, it becomes a never-ending swirl of button pressing and you just simply find yourself hoping for the best.

So, let’s just take a step-back for a minute, and try and choose one thing to do this week that will reach out to your target audience.
YOUR Objective today: find an image that adds emotion to your message. Pop over to Canva and add some text. Post it on your Facebook page with words that explain to your audience what transformation you can provide for them. (tag me when you’re done)

Images or Videos are more likely to evoke an emotional response from your reader than text alone.

Show don’t just tell

Turn an idea into an action with inspiring visual content. Using the right visual, either images or videos will help take the audience on a journey with you, and amplify your message.

Here’s a top tip from me on how I use visuals to trigger the content for a Facebook post.

One of the keywords in this piece is “inspiration”. After writing a few sentences of my post/blog I start to think of an image that would work well with the initial concept to add vavavoom
I then go to my preferred royalty-free image provider, which happens to be Pixabay, and then type in the key word in the message I’m sharing.
In this particular instance there just so happened to be a light bulb image which caught my eye. If no image jumps out at me I pick another word and so on.
Sometimes the image I choose then changes the direction of the message I started with.
I continue to draft the content and jiggle things around until I’m happy to go live. The image helps me to focus the emotion & transformation that can occur and ultimately inspires my audience to take action.

I include tutorials on how to work with images for Facebook, how to add them effectively to a post, where to find them and how to add text overlay in my #FacebookFit Online boot-camp. Pop back soon for the next date announcement