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Fiona Catchpowle

Teacher – Online Content Engineer – Social Media Ninja

As a Facebook Organic specialist my passion is helping you to focus on the right words, for the right people, at the right time.
Pure, natural content from the heart is the key to success with social media.

Throughout the last 10 years of working on the coal-face of social media since its early days, I know how much it has changed, from simple to way too complicated.

I’ve been fascinated by words and their use in the framework of marketing for as long as I can remember.[more here] I wrote my first ebook back in 2005 and built a website using MS Frontpage to sell it!

Since then I’ve supported hundreds of business owners expand their understanding and skills around online communications [success stories here]. Being equipped with this knowledge enables them to manage their social media and other areas requiring digital dialogue, swiftly and effectively. This leaves them free to do what they do best.

My style of training helps business owners find their story, and feel comfortable using online tools in record time.

The system is straightforward and tailored to you, saving time and frustrations that often occur with storytelling and social media marketing.

I will show you how to tune in to your story, and guide you through the process of converting all the amazing passion for your business in to social media posts, blog articles and a whole host of re-purposed content.

If you’re looking for assistance in the world of Facebook you can reach me here.


– Fiona Catchpowle #CyberGran

PS. My 2020 one word of the year is ‘transformation’ so I’m expecting big things from everyone I work with. Apply if you dare 🙂