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One of the questions I get asked most often during training sessions is …

How do get I reach and engagement on my Facebook Page?

My answer always – WORDS #wordsmatter

“You have to write the right words for the right people at the right time”

However, this takes time & practice and unless you try you won’t know the right words for YOU and YOUR audience.

There really is no magic pill, clever trick or accurate prediction. You’re in business so you need to mean business when it comes to your content.

Content creation is a not a 5 second wonder, it’s the long game that counts. If you don’t believe me, read this great article by the lovely Danielle Gardner on Why People Don’t Engage on my Facebook Page

So, how do you decide what to write first and how do we make this process quick, pain free and straightforward?

Here are my ‘rabbit out of a hat’ tricks for writing content that reaches & engages in good measure

  1. Use an image/photo to trigger an idea for the words

The image library Pixabay is one of my biggest inspirations with regards to my ‘Content Creation Tool-kit’. I wish I could remember who it was who mentioned this website to me first, but I love them. There are many other royalty-free image websites but this one is my favourite, and because I know I’m so bad at making decisions on which image to use and when, I restrict my choices and focus my attention on just this one image resource which saves me time and angst. Of course if you have an ‘in real life’ photo that resonates with you then use that instead.

The way the images/photos help with my content creation is as follows …

Having spent years writing blogs and then trying to find an image that fitted the text, one day I tried it the other way around. I start with a poignant word or two in my head or draft blog title. Then I turn my attention to Pixabay.

I had a word or two to the search bar and from then on in images pop out that open a flood gate of associated words that help me cement the title, and craft the content. Try it for yourself. As people often say ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Here are 3 images that have triggered 3 pieces of content for me recently which started with words such as Drowning in a sea of noise? What are your brand values? Where is your content taking you?

  1. Build relationships by talking about your brand or personal values

For example let’s talk chocolate as per the image above. I have very strict rules and values when it comes to chocolate. I’m an 85% cocoa solid kind of chocolate snob. No compromise. I don’t do sweets because I just don’t like the sugary taste and the same applies to my chocolate.

I’m exactly the same about my Facebook for Business principles. There’s a standard to stick to. No compromise. Relevant & meaningful all the way, and that’s what builds relationships with your audience. If they know they can rely on you for quality content and your integrity shines through then that is what you will become known for.

To find your brand value words that matter try the following exercise:

  • Make a list of your business rules that you won’t compromise on.
  • Turn those words in to sentences that mean something to you. These are your values
  • Scatter those sentences in your relevant & meaningful content.


  1. Rise above the noise

To avoid drowning in a sea of social media mayhem, step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Don’t just dive in and copy what other’s do. I am not a shepherd and you are not a sheep. If you have been trying to ‘do Facebook’ for a while and not getting anywhere take a look at your last 5 posts and tell me if you said any of the following –

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do and who for?
  • Why should they pick you?

Another source of useful content that can be re-purposed is your website. You probably spent absolutely ages planning and writing everything on there, so re-use it for your social content. Top and tail excerpts with a personal comment and there you go. Become a word ninja and seek out the best bits on your website and craft those words into a Facebook post.

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