Facebook Ads Mastermind


A collection of 3x 1:1 sessions each lasting 30 minutes.

In this 1:1 coaching sessions, we talk about how you can use the mechanics of Facebook Ads and apply runway principles to create brand awareness



Facebook ads are NOT for everyone, but if you have tried to Boost a post or created an Advert in the past did you find it a complete waste of time and money? Was the button pushing a bit exhausting? Did you get the results you expected? Do you even know what results you got?

With all the constant changes in your Facebook Page admin, let alone Facebook Ads Manager it can be very confusing.

However with the recent updates and new targeting parameters there are some straightforward pathways that make a lot more sense than they used to – if you know where to look!

If you want to get to grips with running your own ad campaigns, so they turn in a profit and actually get results, the book a mastermind session today.

Topics covered will be

–          Create an audience and the significance of Page Insights

–          Build a campaign in simple steps you can rinse and repeat

–          Choose the right marketing objective that works for your business

–          Understand the different sections of Ad Manager and what they can do for you

–          Identify when to boost and when to create an advert saving time and money

–          Read and understand the results – how do you know if it all worked?

–          Create a content and advertising strategy that builds your business

Format – x 3 30 min live video conference over 7 days, additional recorded materials, Facebook Ads manual and cheat sheets.



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