Facebook Mechanics using The Rule of 3


Course date: 22nd & 23rd June
Delivery time: 2pm (UK time)
Follow-up Q & A session on 29th June: 2pm (UK time)
This online boot-camp includes:
2x 60 minute tutorials delivered daily for 2 consecutive days, including class resources – followed by a Q&A ‘ask me anything’ session 7 days later.

Discover some super solutions to make the most of this amazing online tool. Highly recommended for Beginners and those Intermediate.

A non-techie, hands-on, power-packed boot-camp with Fiona Catchpowle.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media? There’s so much to know just in order to run a successful Facebook presence. And the Facebook landscape has changed dramatically, so you need to update your skills in ‘conversational commerce’ to ensure a return on the time and energy you invest.


It’s important to have a clear map of where you want to be in business and understand the part that Facebook plays in that journey. During this hands-on non-techie boot-camp you will work on the following areas of Facebook Mechanics using The Rule of 3.

  • Content Creation to build reach and engagement – The Rule of 3 basics
  • Strategy to build conversational commerce – story telling re invented
  • Images v links vs video – which to use when and how
  • Sharing strategies – not all shares are equal

Using a technique called the #Ruleof3 and some essential algorithm-proof Facebook skills this workshop will help you get your message clear and deliver the reach & engagement you deserve without the stress and techie overwhelm. Many people find the process of planning what to write, when and where a rather stressful task. The Rule of 3 fixes that.

Developing a Facebook Mechanics mindset will stop the process of ‘doing social media’ being stressful, so you can ‘be social’. Learn which knobs and buttons work best, then move on to the bells & whistles!

Who is this suitable for?
Business owners who use Facebook as Pages and need some foundation knowledge and skills, that work fast, to connect them more effectively with their target market. This is a rinse and repeat formula to support your organic approach to Facebook. (But you’ll find it comes in handy across other platforms too)

Boot-camp format so please be ready to roll up your sleeves for hands-on practical session

Topics include

  • How to ensure your page is set up correctly, and a super shiny About
  • The Rule of 3 and story-telling
  • Creating the right kind of content for the right people in the right way
  • Adding images, links and videos and lots of button pushing top-tips
  • Tagging and hashtags – which is which, and why you need to know the difference.

Sign up today and see you in the secret group for Day 1. On completion of order you will be asked to download a file with the instructions on how to join the Facebook group where the course materials will be delivered on the dates/time shown.

Please check out the orientation video which will be emailed shortly on how to access the materials and live videos.

If you have any problems with receiving your instructions please email fiona@fionacatchpowle.com with the name of the course in the subject line. Thanks.


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