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On Monday 27th April the #CyberGran Academy will officially enter the world.

From an idea I had a few years ago, that sat waiting and wondering if, or when, it would ever see the light of day a transformation has occurred. There’s nothing quite like a band of eager-to-learn #CyberHeros to focus the mind.

Teaching Facebook for Business skills to business owner’s is a role I take very seriously and enjoy immensely. Over the years there have been a variety of formulas to my teachings, from #FacebookFit Video Tutorials, to Facebook Mechanics Workshops (in real life) and of course one on one training. Then, along came my online Facebook Boot-camp – Summer 2017. Teaching, & Learning, how to use Facebook for Business was never the same again.

My interactive online boot-camp formula was the best way I had ever found to teach, and have fun at the same time, for both me and my students. Online learning is a great resource and incredibly valuable, but for me, a set of self-study videos or webinars really didn’t support my style of learning. And when I asked my #CyberHeros they said the same thing. So, the format of live tutorials and short ‘how to’ videos, Ask Me Anything’s and eGuides became a regular part of my program.  It then made sense to expand the topics and have a whole suite of sessions. But I couldn’t do it on my own – that’s where I got stuck. Until now.

Over the last 4 weeks the boot-camp winning formula has had life & soul breathed back into it, thanks to Covid19! I already had plans to offer more courses online this year, than I had last year, but with everyone ‘turning on a sixpence’ (as has become my phrase most recently) increasing and expanding the boot-camps was completely and utterly the right thing to do.

I’m super impressed already with how far it’s come in such a short space in time. I know this won’t be quite the final version of the project, it will evolve further still, but living by the motto I lecture to my very dear #CyberHeros – ‘progress is better than perfection’, I am more than a tad delighted and right now very over excited.

I wouldn’t have achieved this without my first two guest lecturers – Clara Whitaker, The Career Doctor bringing us The LinkedIn Workshop & Helen Manchip from The Social Surgery, The Canva Fast-track Essentials Workshop. The work they have both put into to supporting me on my recent Facebook live broadcasts, and now creating a #CyberGran style workshop, is just the most wonderful thing to watch. I thank you both so much.

A special note of thanks must go to Ali Meehan from CostaWomen , who get’s the blame for everything – in a good way, as without her I wouldn’t have re-energised my courses so quickly due to the amazing network she has created in Spain. My other guiding light is Jackie Groundsell from 1230 The Women’s Company, who as well as supporting me endlessly, never ceases to amaze me with her instant list of superstars (such as Helen) to call upon. And, in this web of networking that I’ve never considered myself good at (funny that), I also need to give a special shout out to Samantha Kelly – the Tweeting Goddess, who invited me to speak in Dublin nearly 3 years ago, and turned me into an International Speaker no less, which is where I met Clara.

So, Monday 27th April 2020 will now be a memorable day, and it also happens to be Clara’s birthday, so if you are joining us please make sure to bring cake!

More information on the brand new #CyberGran Academy courses and the upcoming week of #CyberGranTV is inside this video.