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How would you finish that sentence? The Problem with Facebook Ads is …

My answer is … the person creating the Ad!

Maybe that sounds harsh but in general over the 30 years I have been self-employed (yes I am that old) I have come to the conclusion that processes/systems mostly don’t work due to operator error AND because you don’t make time to read the instructions.

I even did it myself recently with some new software I purchased. Luckily for me the creator of this tool runs a Facebook Group and publishes lots of videos in anticipation of this flaw in human nature.

In addition ‘marketers’ have a tendency to spoil things for themselves by trying to bend the rules and take short cuts and then bang the jungle drums louder than others, leading many of us down a pathway that adds confusion and resentment.

If you feel you’re the last horse in the race and playing catch-up with Ads and everyone else seems to be winning before you, then read on.

So, let’s clear the decks here and start with a blank piece of paper. It’s not always those that start off hard and fast that win the day.

What’s the purpose of a Facebook Ad/Boost? 

If your answer is ‘get more sales’, then hold your horses there.

Unless you have a product/service for sale, that is right this second the biggest thing since sliced bread, on everyone’s Christmas list and you are the last supplier on the planet, then NO – your purpose is not to get more sales in your very first out the starting gate advert!

If you are thinking along those lines of selling not telling, then my friend you have things inside-out when it comes to Facebook Organic and Paid Reach!

Approach your Facebook Ads like your carefully crafted content (you are using carefully crafted content aren’t you?)

Make sure your advert is relevant & meaningful to your audience, and is congruent with your advert design – SIMPLE

That is the easy bit, to be fair the hard part is the Facebook Mechanics – the actual button pushing – that can be the most frustrating thing you can tackle right now when it comes to online tools. Been there, done that, bought the flipping T-Shirt.

But help is at hand with that in my next course. Find out more by clicking —> HERE

In the meantime if you’d like some guidelines to follow on creating Facebook Ads, try my new tip tips download which you can grab right now in the form below