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Here is a #lightbulb moment

I decided to take a close look at the options with reference to this Notification that some pages have received over the last week.

If you miss it you could be missing out, especially if you have customised your tabs with 3rd party integrations (Mailchimp etc) and will wake up sometime in August to find your Page looks quite different.

Take a look through these screen shots which goes from notification to template change and back again. There is also a video below as well.

Don’t leave it too late to make a decision as the notification appears to have an expiry date as to whether you wish to keep the existing template.

Here is the video –

If this is the kind of thing that drives you mad with Facebook and you need a refresher and some guidance, during #FacebookFit Summer Camp 2018 we will be going through more Facebook fundamentals and making sure you have your framework in place.

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The Class of 2017 had a ball, and this will be the ONLY version of #FacebookFit this year