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fiona Catchpowle

Menopause Doula, Creator & Founder of The Menopause School

I teach you, using a simple system, how to support yourself as best as you can during the hormone shifts as you move from Periods to Perimenopause and beyond.

1:1 Menopause Doula Consultations

How does it help to work with a Menopause Doula?

A Menopause Doula enables you to advocate for yourself and feel empowered to make informed choices about your personal hormone health, from periods to perimenopause and beyond.

If you need to speak with someone who will listen to you, guide nurture and support you then this is the place for you.

If you are feeling different, physically and emotionally, and believe it is linked to menopause transition and would like to spend time with someone who knows and cares about what you are going through, then please reach out today.

We can start the conversation with a free 15 minute chat to see if this is the space for you.

Book a discovery call

15 minutes – FREE

This call is an opportuity get to know each other and see if a full one hour consultation is the best way forward for you.


Book a consultation

60 minutes – £45

During our time together we will talk about your hormone journey so far, explore some options to enhance your menstrual health and discover how to create your own menopause tool kit using a simple system called Menopause Mapping.™


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Fiona Catchpowle

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