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Frustrated with Facebook?

Looking for solutions?

If you are using Facebook as part of your online business tool-box BUT the stress of using it is far out-weighing any results you should be getting, then help is at hand.

My name is Fiona Catchpowle and I am a Facebook for Business Coach

“I can fix You and your Facebook Page simply and effectively”

Done For YOU

Whether it be social media management, online advertising or other digital challenges, we can provide a combination of solutions, leaving you free to do what you do best. Customised to the needs of You, Your Team and The Business, a “done for  you” approach allows you to delegate full or partial responsibility to us, over a time frame to suit you.  To clearly identify the specifics and costing for the approach you require to transform your online effectiveness email us on

Take a #FacebookFit Course

I regularly host online & live training courses to provide a more intense learning environment that boosts your knowledge and sets you up to get great results.My methods are base on years of ‘on the coal face’ work in the online world. I’m slightly different to the average social media coach, but you will find this refreshing and so effective you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried the #CyberGran system before.

One to One Mentoring

If you have a specific Facebook challenge and need to focus on content creation with a tailor-made framework, it makes sense to work with me one to one. This kind of training gives you a solid springboard for success and simplifies your workload on social media whilst giving you the results you need

Learn the #CyberGran Facebook Framework so your business becomes #FacebookFit

You may be using Facebook, but do you really know how to make it work for you, and not the other way around? With a solid understanding Facebook Mechanics you can learn the simple, straightforward strategies that get results time & time again.

With my focussed approach to Facebook  you will discover how to make each drop of content count and connect with your tribe like never before. In an ever changing environment like Facebook, to make it an effective tool for your business you need to monitor and adapt in order to thrive.

If the maze of pathways and confusing terminology is holding you back, you’re in the right place

Collaborate with like-minded people who are experiencing the same kind of tech over-load and challenges to stay one step ahead of their tribe. Enjoy a taster of #CyberGran for FREE by joining the Facebook Group

Happy #CyberHeros

“Fiona is an expert in her field. I have completed two courses with Fiona and the amount I have learned in a short space of time is just fantastic. Helped me tremendously. I certainly recommend Fiona.”

Clair Meaney

Managing Director, Clarity Therapy

“Thank YOU Fiona Catchpowle. This was my first Facebook boot camp😊 and I have learnt so much!! Not only the technical side but also the attitude, the way you could say things, or not, the local instead of the global, the likes… the ideas behind it.”

Anja Hilkemeijer

Director, Lifeway Therapy

“Fiona’s ability to connect with her clients old & new is without doubt very refreshing. Her delivery is informative, relevant, encouraging, entertaining and directs her clients productivity forward on a commercial level. ”t labore et dolore magna enim.”

Sara Haley

Managing Director, Mapuchi Moda