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Success Stories

Thank you #cybergran for the font of knowledge you’ve been over the years. I have learned to tell a story with my products and not post uninteresting plain ads. I have learned that likes (even though they make no difference) are better earned than bought and I have learned how to better connect with my audience in order to achieve great results. Thanks Fiona, your flow of information has been invaluable and inspiring. Like I’ve always said from day one, “this woman knows her onions”

Michelle Johnstone

Ace of Shades

Fiona Catchpowle is a genius! She takes terrified social-media hermits and transforms them into social bosses. In her warm, friendly and fun way, she explains complicated stuff in a way that makes you suddenly just “get” it. She’s also great fun to be with. HIGHLY recommended!

Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor UK

Just completed a course with Fiona on Facebook and it was enlightening to say the least. With a few tweeks of my business page, it’s performing better, more interaction and I really loved doing the 5 days with Fiona. #CyberGran and #FacebookFit are now my go to hashtags

Sue Booth


I’ve recently started working with Fiona and I’m so glad I did. Fiona is extremely knowledgeable about all things Facebook. Most importantly for me as a busy business person, she is enabling me to do the right things at the right time and to do them well, which will save loads of time and money. Plus working with Fiona is fun too. I really can’t ask for more.

Deb Sakal

What Really Matters

Apart from ‘everything’ you’ve ever said these are my evergreen #CyberGranGoodies
#RuleOfThree & we’d better not forget it
• Power of images, preferably our own or carefully curated from Freepik, Pexels etc
• Resist the lure of vanity metrics
• Be authentic & speak to your audience
• To remember we are experts, if we don’t think so how can anyone else

Sam Bayley

The Painted Kitchen

Firstly, Thank You Fiona – you have made me fall back in love with posting on Social Media. I learnt about the importance of things I did not realise before, to update bio’s and to post more effectively. You made it fun, easy to learn and therefore easy to remember carry out. Anyone thinking of doing a course with Fiona Catchpowle – do it, don’t think about it, sign up NOW – you won’t regret it

Sheila (Cain) Forret

I have to say I’m mightily impressed with Cybergran. I’ve been struggling with how to take my business forward using Facebook – her courses have really helped me and I see the results. Thanks Fiona xx

Inez Robinson


The world is now using social media far more than ever. Fiona unpacks and provides easy to understand training for all the various platforms with a special slant to Facebook and LinkedIn. Expect lots of ah-ha moments and new ways to get more engaged followers.

Ali Meehan

Costa Women

I have been lucky enough to join in with a few of Fiona´s bootcamps and workshops. I have learned so much about different social media. I am using all my new skills, and the difference in the look, the content and the reach etc is incredible. The courses are all in easy to manage chunks and provide loads of support and information. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Lorraine Williamson

Positively Organics

Approachable and accessible is Fiona’s style. The information was delivered so that it was easy to understand and follow. I feel much more confident now about exploring how to use Facebook and make it work for me. Thanks Fiona.

Sandra Losty

The Wedding Lady

I’m doing LIVE events on Facebook and the only reason I know how to do this is because of you! The #cybergran’s knowledge and skills know no bounds! Super easy to follow, enjoyable and inspiring! If you can, join a latest workshop with Fiona, it will definitely change the way you do things on Facebook.

Lisette Sandoval

Lisette Sandoval