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My Philosophy Is To Provide
Quality Over Quantity

By focusing on one social media platform at a time, and in my case specialising in Facebook Mechanics, I am able to give you the accurate and effective tools to get the timely results you need. Straightforward, no jargon and highly effective

Providing the Tools You Need with a solid skill-set

I keep it simple, straightforward and tailored to you and your business. For me light-bulb moments, top-tips, and bite-size pieces are key. We can go from grass roots to rocket science, it really is up to you.

I engineer the training to find the simple solutions to using Facebook within your business model. By feeling less stressed about content creation means you can relax into your storytelling and then it becomes a piece of cake.

Why pick me?

What do you actually do?

I get this a lot and it’s fully understandable as I have never met anyone who does exactly what I do. I describe myself as a Facebook specialist (not guru). I’ve been called all sorts, such as Media Diva, but what I really do at grass roots is teach. I love to teach. I have been a qualified lecturer for over 25 years! Making the tricky sound easy is my favorite bit.

What have you done in the past?

I have been self-employed since I was 21. Prior to that I studied Applied Biology and my first job was as a medical representative. I then retrained as a Beauty Therapist (I know my Dad nearly died) and opened my own salon. Essentially it was the science background that drove me there but I really wanted to work with people. I had grown up in the Hotel trade all my life and we actually lived in one.

Why should I pick you then?

I know what it’s like to be the one in charge and have all the challenges that comes with it. I’ve had a bricks & mortar business myself and advised many a business owner on how to tackle the various online challenges including Facebook. Checkout my testimonials on my page to show you my success rate.

What kind of results will your training give me?

Great ones! However you will only get out what you put in. I work hard and fast so you can be making waves in no time at all. I have a quirky personality so please make sure we are a good fit before getting in contact. Thanks to live videos you can visit my Page or Group and see me live in action. If you like what you hear and see and are able to make use of my FREE advice then do give me a shout.

“I am dedicated to light-bulb moments! We all need inspiration to keep moving forward. Sometimes we are in a rush to reach the end, but seeking out, communicating with and nuturing our tribe is a fudamental and long-term process in building a business that brings you sales every day of the week. What if I could show you that using online tools and Facebook as the anchor platform in such a way it gives you a buzz and moment of clarity, you’ll wonder what you’ve been stresses out about?”

To get started on the road to recovery from Facebook fatigue jump in right now and book a discovery call with me to identify the best way of us working together.”

Fiona Catchpowle

Facebook Warrior Princess