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The Facebook Dilemma

The Facebook Dilemma

This blog has been written by me Fiona Catchpowle as a direct response to the two part documentary by Frontline & PBS. First shown on 29 & 30 October 2018. 31/10/2018: The programs are currently blocked in the UK via YouTube and the PBS website from where it...

Less is More

Less is More

Take a step back from your Facebook Page and think twice, write once! Saint Isaac's Cathedral interior is stunning, no doubt about that. "The cathedral's bronze doors, covered in reliefs by Ivan Vitali, are patterned after the celebrated doors of the Battistero di San...

How to Add the Pixel Helper

How to Add the Pixel Helper

Adding the pixel helper to your browser extension will help you identify how other businesses are tracking your activity on and off Facebook These steps outlined are to add the Pixel Help extension to Chrome - visit the Chrome store HERE and search for Pixel Helper...

The Problem with Facebook Ads is probably NOT Facebook

The Problem with Facebook Ads is probably NOT Facebook

How would you finish that sentence? The Problem with Facebook Ads is ... My answer is ... the person creating the Ad! Maybe that sounds harsh but in general over the 30 years I have been self-employed (yes I am that old) I have come to the conclusion that...

Are you a great Facebook influencer?

Are you a great Facebook influencer?

Sharing is caring, but are you really making a difference or just making a mess? Here are some pointers when it comes to being an effective influencer on Facebook, particularly if you are at an event or venue. Get it right and you make an impact, helping them stand...


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