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People buy from those they know like and trust OR …

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they´ll do business with you – Zig Ziglar

How do you get to that point?

Well shouting at people is not going to help, but, that’s what so many Page owners seem to do on a regular basis – SHOUT [bctt tweet=”Think more like a screenwriter not a buy my stuff copywriter” username=”fionacatchpowle”]

How about a conversation and not a confrontation?

Tell me about you, your service and product and let me make an informed decision about whether you (and/or service product etc) will be of benefit and add value to my life. If not I will move on to the next person until I find someone who will.

Someone who will tell me why I should pick them.

Someone who will engage me in conversation and tell me what I need to know.

Mari Smith recently hosted a Facebook Business Briefing – — what marketers need to know about the future of Facebook this year and beyond.

During this event she shared a slide which said – Think more like a screenwriter not a buy my stuff copywriter

This is not rocket science my friends.

Experts like Mari and other online marketers have advocated this approach for as long as I can remember and it’s one I support my Facebook #CyberHeros with regularly.

However all too often business owners are trying to take the short-cut, fastest route possible to the finishing line ... before they have even worked out where and what the finishing line is!

Facebook is a tool to communicate with your target audience, so try communicating first and foremost and the rest will follow.[bctt tweet=”Take people on a journey with Conversation Commerce” username=”fionacatchpowle”]

The January 11th Facebook-aggedon announcements will not affect you if you just take it step by step and start storytelling rather than selling. 

Top tips

Grab 3 pieces of paper and write the names of the next 3 months at the top and sub divide into 4 weeks on each page.

On the last piece write a statement of achievement – e.g. I have 3 new clients, I have sold XYZ more widgets

What journey do you need to take your clients on to make that happen?

What topics do you need to talk about to inform and educate them to make the right decision? (with the ‘right’ decision being to pick you.)

Write those topics on the first and second pieces of paper. One topic per week

Just look at those topics now and make sure they are in the right order, so the conversation flows and the decision to pick you feels perfectly natural.

What you have now is a simple, repeatable system to help you plan your ‘story’ in 5 minutes.

Look at the ideas/stories you have now generated for the next quarter aka chapter one. How can you make the next chapter blend seamlessly and so on, so that by month two they are ready to buy and by month three, well they are so in love with you they can’t imagine life without you?

People will easily get to know, like and trust you with well thought out content that has an intention.

If you’d like some guidance on your own content strategy so it feels more like a screenwriter than a sell/my/stuff copywriter get in contact with me via email –