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Take a step back from your Facebook Page and think twice, write once!

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral interior is stunning, no doubt about that.

“The cathedral’s bronze doors, covered in reliefs by Ivan Vitali, are patterned after the celebrated doors of the Battistero di San Giovanni in Florence, designed by Lorenzo Ghiberti. Suspended underneath the peak of the dome is a sculpted white dove representing the Holy Spirit. Internal features such as columns, pilasters, floor, and statue of Montferrand are composed of multicolored granites and marbles gathered from all parts of Russia. The iconostasis is framed by eight columns of semiprecious stone: six of malachite and two smaller ones of lazurite. The four pediments are also richly sculpted.” from Wikipedia

Some business owners are still trying to create their Facebook Page content to the level of the interior of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. They must be exhausted!

Less is More for sure – 100%.

How many times a week are you posting? If it’s more than 5, it’s probably too often and if it’s more than 7 you must be totally drained of creativity.
The exception to posting often would be if you are getting great results doing so. If you’re post reach is less then 10% of your Page likes stop and think why? Posting the same stuff more often will not help.
I know there have been many posting strategies recommended over the years and if you’ve got stuck in a rut and feel the need to post … just because you think you ought to, then take a step back and breathe.
Relevant & Meaningful is the name of the game these days and to be honest has been for some time.
Think twice, write once. Make the words matter and don’t plod along aimlessly.
Trust me I’m a Facebook Mechanic and I know what works

Last week I broadcast 3 times to different groups/pages showing the amazing result I had achieved with a Facebook post on my La Cala Life Project

I hadn’t posted for 2 weeks. I was waiting until I had something relevant & meaningful to share with my tribe.

When I did, they loved it. Tuning in to your tribe is so important for longevity, reach & engagement. By modifying frequency, length of post and type (image, weblink etc) you will see what your tribe prefer. You need to check your Page Insights regularly to really understand what is working and what isn’t. There is no point in plodding along and following what other people do, and hoping it works for you.

Plus you need to know that you are giving them what they signed up. When they became a fan what did you promise them? If you give the people what they want they will come back for more.

Posting 2 or 3 times a day is not necessary for the majority of business pages. Do you really have that much to say? Or are you just doing it because that’s what someone told you to do about 3 years ago …. and old habits die hard.

Elaborate plans and strategies like those used to adorn the interiors of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral are outdated and no longer effective.

Unlike the Cathedral these methods have not stood the test of time. Throw in a bunch of the wrong page likes, as that’s another old habit, and you’re doomed.

I’m not joking. STOP now before it’s too late

  • STOP asking for Page LIKES* – and ask for Post Likes
  • Less is more
  • Give the people what they want

Keep it simple, straight forward. Choose what you say and when you say it. Don’t post for the sake of it.

Not only is it hard work keeping up with creative content and jumping through hoops, I have been tracking ‘post reach over time’ and if you do not leave a long enough gap between posts you are actually cutting them off in their prime.

Content stays in the news feed much longer than it use to and almost has a drip feed mentality. If you think of the number of times you see a post that is 2 days old you should suddenly get a #lightbulbmoment

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PS. *When I say STOP asking for Page likes I’m not talking about during your start-up period, but even then there are rules and you must follow a launch formula