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Don’t ask for LIKES!

Don’t ask for LIKES!

Fact: the pages you have liked add YOU to an Interest[ed in] category, previously determined by Facebook. Liking a Page is defined as 'activity across the Facebook Products'. Facebook use this Interest of YOURS to help you find 'new things' ... by showing you some...

The #CyberGran Academy … and so much more

The #CyberGran Academy … and so much more

On Monday 27th April the #CyberGran Academy will officially enter the world. From an idea I had a few years ago, that sat waiting and wondering if, or when, it would ever see the light of day a transformation has occurred. There's nothing quite like a band of...

What is a #CyberGran Boot-camp?

What is a #CyberGran Boot-camp?

= Distance Learning for Grown-ups My boot-camps allow you to learn a new set of social media skills in record time, with fellow solopreneurs. Based on a very successful working model from a few years ago I have decided that now would be a great time to release a fresh...

I am a finalist in the first ever DigitalWomen Awards!

I am a finalist in the first ever DigitalWomen Awards!

Not just once but twice. What are the awards about? DigitalWomen is a community created to empower one million women through digital skills. This community is perfect for women who want to be inspired by other women and those looking to boost their digital skills. In...

How to use the Feature section on LinkedIn

How to use the Feature section on LinkedIn

The more time I spend on LinkedIn the more I begin to like it. It’s developed some interesting features recently whilst becoming less corporate and more about communication. In my recent rummaging I noticed a new “Featured” section, which has huge appeal for me. I...

Getting to know Twitter

Getting to know Twitter

The now hugely successful social media company, Twitter, was first launched in 2006 and described as a micro-blogging platform. The number of monthly active users is now over 320 million and is as defined by them, ‘where people go to find out what’s happening in the...


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A nurse-led menopause therapy service

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In response to Covid19, an online video consultation service for contraception


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